Moon Phase Journaling
by Natalie Zaman, Moon Phase art from ClipArt Panda

Try this exercise to start working with the new moon (and the phases that follow): 

Starting today with the moon in her dark phase, keep a daily journal of your activity for the month--what you do, what you eat, how you feel, and any good news (like getting a letter from a pen pal, finding money in the street, or acing a test) or bad news (urgh--a flat tire! not being able to find something you're looking for, or skipping breakfast) that comes your way. Note the phase of the moon for each day (you can get a free moon phase calendar at STARDATE.ORG). Do you see any patterns? Changes? Try it again for another moon phase. How can this information help you grow?

New moons are good for making wishes and planting the seeds of things you would like to see come to pass in the future. According to many astrologers, you'll see results from the wish you make and the work you do to make it come true at a new moon in six months time. Wish today, work and watch--then read what you've written six months from now. How many of your dreams have been realized?

Just Add Water!
by Natalie Zaman, Moon images from

Sometimes, timing is everything. Just like you'd use lavender in a sleeping pillow or carry a moonstone for luck, there are times that are best for doing certain work, like say, fixing a friendship, starting a new activity or saying goodbye. Looking at the moon's phases is one way to determine timing for what you want to do.

Let's say you're trying out for a team. In addition to practice (NEVER substitute magic for hard work and practice!), you may want to do some spell work to help you stay focused at the new moon—a time of beginnings. Like the earth where seeds are planted, the new moon is dark and rich timing-wise for starting things. As she waxes (grows bigger), so will your intentions.

On the other hand, start a spell at the full moon to say bye-bye to nail biting or hair chewing—or any other bad habit you'd like to break. As she wanes (shrinks) so will the habit you want to toss. Here's a spell to do at the full moon (tomorrow!)—all you'll need is a dark bowl, some water, and a full moon.

Fill your bowl with water and go outside. Holding the bowl with both hands, walk around until you catch the reflection of the moon in the water. Important! Don't do anything dangerous—like stretching out of windows or balconies to do this—save this work for when you can walk around safely (like in a park—and because this is a nighttime activity, make sure an adult is with you!) When you've caught the moon, stand still and look at the reflection, picturing the energy of the moon going into the water.

There's lots of things that you can do with your moon water. You can use it to add to pouches and pillows you make to add moon magic to your work. You can also use it in recipes. Add three drops of moon water to anything you are cooking or baking and concentrate on intentions for good health while you work. Check out ScienceBob's blog to see how you can study the phases of the moon--using OREOS... (Make your OWN Oreo cookies--CLICK HERE!)

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