A lifetime resident of New Jersey, C.M.Alaimo is both an admirer and seeker of the Wiccan path (especially of the TDD tradition). She has over thirty years of scientific experience and has worked as an Environmental Scientist for over twenty. Her appearance in Broomstix marks her first foray in composing non-technical work.

School social worker and psychotherapist by day, Gardnerian tradition witch by faith and study, the Kitchen Witch, aka Aviva's most important job is Mommy (of two amazing boys!) Aviva says, "Raising Pagan children has its challenges and in teaching the boys to honor their faith, I emphasize bringing our love for the God and Goddess into even the most simple of daily tasks, including cooking. Making the Sabbat meal is just as important to me as getting out altar tools for a ritual." In her quest to help her children have a more formal religious program, she is in the process of writing a curriculum for a Pagan children's educational program that includes family-oriented rituals.

Robin Ator is an artist working in animation and illustration in rainy Portland, Oregon. He is the creator of three tarot decks!

Lindsey C. Becker is a world class illustrator who has been creating art for children's books for 15 years. See more of her work at and

Lover of sparkly things, Charlotte Bennardo doesn't have as many shoes as she'd like, but wouldn't have time to wear them anyway with her three boys, husband, cat with issues, demented squirrels and insistent characters all demanding her time. She is represented by Natalie Lakosil of the Bradford Literary Agency and is hoping to get all her characters into print just so they'll be quiet.

Katharine Clark is a teacher and Wiccan Elder. She is the author of three books and counting: An Irish Book of Shadows, Graven Images Oracle (with Natalie Zaman), and Things Your Elders Never Told You: Wisdom From a Wicc'ed Life.

Ever fascinated by the mystical paths of the universe, Zorian Cross began his love affair with Astrology at the age of five when he discovered books left by his late grandfather in the attic of his family home. He is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Astrologer, and Numerologist based in his home town of New Delhi India, where he has been featured in national magazines like The Week, and on the cable news channel Headlines Today. His tarot-based artwork, The Doodler Tarot, has been featured in the 2008 Tarot Lovers Calendar. Today, Zorian focuses his efforts on writing, directing and acting. In the style of one of his icons Barbra Streisand, Zorian summarizes himself as Mystic… Artist…Poet…Dreamer…Fabulous!

Claire Cunnington has been reading the Tarot for over 20 years--and now she really has her hands full!

Lauren Curtis, a central New Jersey resident, was graduated with a BFA in Painting & Drawing from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. Lauren works in many mediums including oils, acrylics, pen & ink, charcoals, and photography. The focus of her subject matter revolves around mythology; particularly Egyptian, Greco-Roman, and Celtic, as well as Pagan/Wiccan spirituality, and the power of women and Nature in these belief systems. She has shown her work in over 100 exhibitions, and sold pieces nationally and abroad. She also writes poetry and is a freelance illustrator who has had work appear in on-line and printed publications, including Sage Woman and Circle Magazine. Lauren has a line of Wiccan/Pagan greeting cards, called Children of the Forest, and a line of alternative crafts called Talon Hand-Crafted Curios.

A psychic once told Ame Dyckman, "Honey, your aura looks like a big yellow Afro!" Ame and her aura live in New Jersey, along with her mad scientist husband, aspiring pirate princess daughter, and two mischievous black cats. She is the author of the critically acclaimed Boy and Bot, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino and Tea Party Rules, illustrated by K.G. Campbell. Visit Ame at

Rich Gawel is the managing editor of Electronic Design. He also writes The Family Bookshelf, a column that looks at children's literature, for the Suburban Trends newspaper. He and his wife Patricia Jarrach have written a middle grade fantasy about dragons and a chapter book about a brave house cat and are currently looking for a publisher. They can be reached at

Carolina Gonzalez is a self-taught artist and Spiritual Worker, born and living in Tenerife, one of the beautiful Canary Islands, located on the northwest coast of Africa. Carolina is inspired by the magical landscapes of her island, the richness of her North African cultural heritage, and strives to create art that explores magic and spirituality from her unique vision. A self-representing artist, Carolina sells her work directly through her website, has published cover artwork for The Essential Herbal Magazine, Witches And Pagans Magazine and Soul Path Magazine, and has participated in several educational projects such as Pooka Pages, a magazine for pagan children, Susun Weed's Goddess Gallery, and the Raices Cultural Center. Visit Carolina at or contact her at

Gillian Greene has been in the Craft since the late 1960's. She's an astrologer, writer, poet, herbalist, birdwatcher, and avid gardener, a vegan, a grandmother and a bio-regional animist. She shares her home near Pittsburgh with a dog, a cat, three cockatiels, and a Russian tortoise. You can contact her at

Conny Jasper is a counselor and a writer in Somerset, NJ. She can be contacted at: Earthcraft Enterprises, PO Box 6442, Somerset, NJ 08875.

Lisa Kelly-Briggs is the mother of two beautiful girls. A pagan for 26 years, she has explored many spiritual traditions. Her dream is to open a school for pagan kids. Lady Moon is her first published work.

Heather Kreiter is a fantasy illustrator working professionally in the Gaming Industry. She is also the twisted mind behind the My Little Demon/Teeny Demon line of art/figurines. See more of Heather's work on her website

Keri Lefave is a retired police officer from the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature in December 2008. A resident of Thunder Bay for many years, she is very familiar with the legends that are associated with this region.

A transplanted New Yorker now living in Missouri, Wendy Martin has been working as an illustrator for over 25 years. Wendy earned a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a B.F.A in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts. An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child, a children’s book she both wrote and illustrated was released in 2005. When the original publisher folded, An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child was picked up by a new house, edited and re-released in 2008, then went on to become a finalist in the 2009 international COVR awards. Four additional picture books and a coloring book quickly followed. Wendy can still be found sitting around her studio with papers strewn around her creating stories and illustrations for children. She has since traded in her crayons for watercolor, pen and ink, and a computer. Visit her online at Wendy Martin Illustration.

Sue Miller began painting and drawing at a young age, studied fine art at Southeastern Massachusetts University, had private art lessons with the legendary painters Milton Healy and Rachel Farrington, and after working as a professional graphic artist for over twenty years, opened up her own studio and art school in Northwestern New Jersey, USA. She divides her time between painting and teaching. Visit her on Facebook at Sue Miller Art.

Patricia Obsidian is an ancient ways traditional herbalist, author, and long time professional tarot consultant. She practices traditional green, western herbalism and communicates, learns from and heals with North American and European plants.Visit Patricia's website where you will find a celebration of plants, nature, and examples of her craft work and writings. "I keep busy weeding our large garden, talking with faeries, creating tinctures, teas and tonics, writing, studying botanical medicine and caring for our small creatures." You can write to Patricia Obsidian at

Timothy Schenk is a Freelance illustrator living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where he received a BFA in illustration .He enjoys using watercolor, pen and ink as a medium and is well versed in computer illustration. Timothy has worked with several clients including The American Red Cross, YMCA, Teen Approach Inc, The Daily Reporter, and The American Brain Tumor Association. Check out his portfolio on JacketFlap.

Pennsylvania native Laura Beth Shope is has studied at the Institute of Children's Literature and Piermont Community and Technical College. “Writing is more than a hobby for me; it's a stress reliever, a healing of the soul, and an expression of my creativity.”

A first generation Mexican American and native of Los Angeles CA, Nick Sigala has been practicing Brujaria--Mexican healing and folk magic--since childhood. A student of mythology, magic, anthropology, archaeology meso-American and Native American studies, his website Brujaria is dedicated to dispelling myths and sharing information about his path. As for his nickname Brujo Negro? Many people used to call him Brujo because of his path, but his father one day jokingly called him Brujo Negro because of his fondness for wearing black clothing--the nickname stayed with him ever since.

Wiccan Illustrator Steelgoddess is a solitary practitioner, mother of four, and self taught artist whose favorite subject to paint is... Witches! She finds great inspiration in Norman Rockwell’s work, and in her illustrations you will find images that focus on the more serious (such as deities and rituals) to the more whimsical and care free (a determined Witch running full speed in vintage style Football gear). These illustrations are created for a Wiccan’s Book of Shadows. Steelgoddess's very first Book of Shadows was a spiral notebook filled with spells, recipes, and scribbled diagrams (she has admittedly terrible handwriting). In her desire to create something beautiful that I she could pass onto her children as a treasured heirloom, she creates exquisite Book of Shadows pages, each illustrated particular theme depending on a specific ritual or spell included. Her work has branched out into hand painted original signs, original Enchanted Gift Boxes, Broom/Besom Hangers, herbal spell kits, Stick Witch decals (to counter the Soccer moms decals*grin*) and more. Her work also has appeared in newWitch magazine. Visit her website at

Artist Thalia Took is the creator of the Goddess Oracle. Check out her website at to discover more of her magical work that explores goddesses and gods of many different cultures, along with the tales of their purposes and exploits.

Born in Nurnberg, Germany, Ungala is an artist and writer, who through meditations has discovered life through inner understanding and visions, and through these visions has been blessed in creating a lifetime of art starting when she was just a child. Ungala's father is the internationally renowned artist and jazz musician Professor Karl Hodina from Vienna, Austria. She currently lives in sunny Florida with the love of her life and her children.

Natalie Zaman is the curator of, and contributor to the Broomstix blog. She lives in central New Jersey with her family and several fine looking chickens.